The 7 megatrends for corporate education in 2019

Have you started the strategic planning of corporate education for 2019? Regardless of your answer, we have a valuable tip for you to be ahead of anyone else: get to know the 7 megatrends for corporate education in the newest ebook produced by DOT, a reference company at EdTech in Brazil.

A spoiler of what you will find in the ebook: The Megatrend in Corporate Education #1 is Gamification

Gamification is indicated as the # 1 technology that HR and education professionals want to adopt by 2020, which proves how this trend has everything to win your company.

The purpose of this ebook is that you can, in fact, imagine and create education projects with greater effectiveness, engagement and results for your business.

Want to know every detail and delve into the megatrends in corporate education for 2019? Click on the image below and download the ebook.

tendências em educação corporativa


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