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(Português) O que é Game Thinking

You have certainly heard of Gamification, right? What about Game Thinking, do you know this term?

When gamification was officially invented, a little over 20 years, its purpose was to engage consumers in a digital marketing context. Many things have changed since then. The approach evolved. Applications were developed for school education, health, sports, data security, transportation, among others. It also became evident that gamification cannot be disassociated from other similar approaches: games, simulators and playful design. Nor can gamification solutions be conceived without considering technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Ultimately, decades of learning experiences have integrated into one concept: Game Thinking.


Game Thinking defined by experts

Amy Jo Kim, business consultant, says on her YouTube channel that Game Thinking is “what Gamification wants to be when it grows up.” Kim presents a way to integrate gamification with the productive discipline of agile development and the strategic innovation of Design Thinking. For Kim, what gamification wants to be when it grows up is a successful method for creating innovation in an entertaining way.

Andrzej Marczewski, an expert in Gamification, understands Game Thinking to be the integration of all approaches related to Game Design. He explains that Game Thinking is like having a box full of tools at the beginning of each project and choosing those that are truly necessary to begin. At the start of a project, the most efficient method may not yet be clear, that is, whether that should be a game, a simulator or gamification. However, a versatile Game Thinking professional will have all the necessary tools to accommodate ensuing needs.


Game Thinking – the choice that is most sensible and complete

As we already know, Gamification emerged, established itself, and evolved into what has become common sense in the corporate world. It has grown so quickly that it has been integrated with other giants of the business world, such as agile, Lean UX, simulators, virtual reality, among others. It is no longer possible to think about Gamification solutions apart from these.

When Game Thinking is in discussion, it means dealing with an even broader domain of strategies based on games and behaviors.  These strategies dispose of a comprehensive framework of solutions that may be used collectively or individually. For that to work, the team developing game-like solutions should, most importantly, be interdisciplinary. To generate behavioral transformations, the team must make use of the wide variety of approaches, methods and techniques available.

Now that you´ve discovered the concept of Game Thinking, learn about the projects DOT digital group has been developing in this area.

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