(Português) 8 soluções tecnológicas que serão realidade na educação corporativa em 2020

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(Português) As 7 megatendências para a educação corporativa em 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Portuguese.

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5 insights on corporate education to innovate in 2019

2019 is knocking on the door: how will you receive the New Year? Be prepared to apply the best corporate education strategy for your business and boost results! How? Check out 5 insights that can contribute to the development of your planning. Maybe you can find here the missing piece to complete this puzzle.

1 Gamification

Gamification is the number one trend for corporate education in 2019. Studies indicate that this is the technology that HR and education professionals will invest more strongly by 2020.

Increases engagement, determination, and productivity;
Facilitates the achievement of goals and objectives;
Makes training more attractive.

2 Microlearning

With the daily obstacles of the chores, we have less and less time. Therefore, betting on microlearning may be the best way to optimize your employees’ time.

Microlearning seeks to convey content in a short period of time, through learning pills. Thus, the absorption of knowledge becomes more effective and flexible, allowing to train in the course of the workday.

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3 Mobile Learning

A smartphone: this is the equipment necessary for the professionals to study all the contents where and when they want. It is an ideal complement to hybrid education, which today is the basis of corporate education, so it is difficult to speak of training strategies without also including the mobile.

Field Sales Force

To train the sales force of your business, it can often be tricky to opt for face-to-face training, since team members are always in transit or away from the company headquarters. Mobile education can be the solution.

4 Video Learning

Video training is even more engaging because, when watching, the employee retains 95% of the message, compared to 10% when reading the same message. 72% of people prefer video to text when both are available on the same page.

Even more benefits:

Promotes learning with specialists;
The transmission of content is more agile when compared to text;
Visual language makes comprehension easier.

5 Immersive Experiences

One of the great difficulties of companies is to have all the infrastructure necessary for training. In addition to being expensive, many materials are difficult to transport, making it impossible for the same content to gain a territorial scale. Some themes also demand specific materials that are difficult to access, but technology can help. Virtual reality and augmented reality may be the solution.

As benefits, we can mention:

Focus on task execution and decision making;
Detailed observation of digitally designed elements;
Low-cost education;
The same training can be applied in different places.

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[Videocase] TIVIT invests in augmented reality to empower sales force

The need to offer more compelling content that engages sales professionals led TIVIT, a leader in integrated technology services in Latin America, to invest in technologies such as augmented reality to empower the sales force.

“Our development program is to support the business in the challenges of the company to whom we can continue generating business, bringing value to the company.”

See the statement of Talita Aguiar, Supervisor of organizational development at TIVIT, about this DOT digital group case.

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The 7 megatrends for corporate education in 2019

Have you started the strategic planning of corporate education for 2019? Regardless of your answer, we have a valuable tip for you to be ahead of anyone else: get to know the 7 megatrends for corporate education in the newest ebook produced by DOT, a reference company at EdTech in Brazil.

A spoiler of what you will find in the ebook: The Megatrend in Corporate Education #1 is Gamification

Gamification is indicated as the # 1 technology that HR and education professionals want to adopt by 2020, which proves how this trend has everything to win your company.

The purpose of this ebook is that you can, in fact, imagine and create education projects with greater effectiveness, engagement and results for your business.

Want to know every detail and delve into the megatrends in corporate education for 2019? Click on the image below and download the ebook.

tendências em educação corporativa


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