Education that moves the world

By Luiz Alberto Ferla

Education brings meaning and expands the physical limits of our experiences.It is what turns the dreams of children and the yearnings of adults into reality. More than a poetic view, sharing knowledge reduces poverty and inequality. Only education can bring about the changes we want for our lives and for the world.

Allying technology to educational processes is no longer an application of the future. The difference that an electronic device and internet access can provide to people is greater than productivity indicators.People with higher levels of education have more employability, more career opportunities and have fewer negative influences around them. On the contrary, they positively influence those around them.

Breaking the pattern that only a few hold onto knowledge is one of the greatest advantages of linking technology to education. The figure of the teacher has changed and now he/she is a facilitator of the learning journey, while acquiring new concepts with his/her students, in person or remotely. The educational revolution has begun.

Our specialty is digital education

For 22 years, we have linked technology to teaching strategies. Yes, we are at the forefront and we are very proud of each stage we live. DOT digital group has changed, reinvented itself and grows seeking those who believe in education. And the change that happens in society when everyone gets involved in this process is the fuel that moves us to always look for the best solutions for our customers and partners.


Luiz Alberto Ferla is CEO and Founder of DOT digital group


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