The most practical way to learn

A microlearning application that makes learning more agile and efficient.

Knowledge in the palm of your hand!

Pronto Learning was designed to deliver the precise content to your collaborator upon demand through an intuitive, gamified interface.">

Pronto Learning! is not just an App! It’s the perfect solution for your microlearning strategy!

Smart feed

The initial page offers users access to current solutions, news (trails and recently added solutions) and related items (suggestions according to application use).

Trails and educational solutions

Design educational learning trails and solutions! Your collaborators can like, follow or comment on trails they find interesting and stay focused on what will be pertinent to their qualification.


A gamification strategy designed for your business! Points for every activity, rewards for specific actions and progress indicators for level and rank.

Smart profile

In My profile, users can continue working on their current studies, consult finished work, browse downloaded contents, view trails they follow, configure notifications and edit their profiles.

Pronto learning featuring your brand

Apply colors and visual elements from your business and have your own customized medals. Pronto Learning takes on your brand´s graphic identity!

Instructions for initial access

Instructions are presented on the user´s first access through brief messages about some of the available resources and how to interact with Pronto Learning.


Pronto Learning has notifications that signal when a new trail or solution is posted, or comments are answered.

Content consumption offline also!

Because connection issues cannot be an obstacle to learning, Pronto Learning was designed to be practical in every situation.

Collaborators can download solution contents to their devices and consume them in offline mode.

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