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More than a staff, we are a team! Professionals who work in a harmonious and integrated way, with talents and complementary specialties. From end to end, we make it happen!

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New technologies have changed people's behavior. And when people change, everything changes!

So why would the training and empowerment of people in the corporate market remain the same?

DOT digital group, one of the largest international groups with over 24 years of EAD expertise, has joined Vantagem +, a leading company for over 27 years in Portugal in the corporate training sector.

Together, they create DOT | Vantagem + to offer the best and most innovative global training solutions whether these 100% Digital, 100% Presence or Blended.

The most modern practices of EdTech - Education Technology. The technology applied to innovative training and training solutions for companies.

DOT | Vantagem +
Innovative, agile and effective digital education and development solutions.
With educational technologies, HR training gains in engagement and results!

Welcome to the future!

“The DOT digital group and Vantagem + are responsible for the transformation of many businesses. Together, they add knowledge, innovation and responsibility.

Identifying the best solution and acting decisively is what we do every day.

Count on DOT | Advantage + to reach your strategic goals and get better results with actions in EdTech (Distance Education) and MarTech (Marketing Technology).”

Luiz Alberto Ferla | DOT digital group CEO

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Luiz Alberto Ferla


Graduated in Mechanical Production Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and Business Administration at the College of Administration and Economic Science - Esag, in Engineering of Mechanical Production by the Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC and with specialization in Strategic Planning. Member of the WTC and LIDE Councils. Winner of the Gazeta Mercantil Business Leaders Award.

Rubens A. de Oliveira


Engeneer with MBA from the University of Southern California (USA) and a PhD in International Economics from UAH (Spain). Worked in the Itamaraty Commercial Promotion sector in Madrid. He was an advisor to the Executive Board of Ceval Alimentos, national director for Latin America at Estácio de Sá University, director general and professor at the School of Administration and Management of Udesc, president of the Fundação Escola de Governo.

Guilherme Ferla


Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Western Paraná, with specialization in Accounting Management from UFSC and Controllership from FGV.
He is Administrative Director of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Florianópolis - ACIF and Counselor of the Catarinense Association of Technology - ACATE.

Paulo Gandrita

Executive director

Graduated in Informatics and Business Management, with Post-Graduation Strategy and Business Development and in Sales Management, Paulo led the process of digital transformation of a multinational company listed on the Stock Exchange, having held various management positions there. For 15 years he was a technical advisor to the Bank of Portugal, having served in the Human Resources department. He is a founding partner and General Manager of the Vantagem+ group, and also, partner and Executive Director of DOT Vantagem+

More than
300 employees
focused on results

We have multidisciplinary teams, collaborators that articulate behaviors like: integrity, motivation, skills, understanding, knowledge and experience.

Among our talents are graduated professionals, specialists, masters and PhDs in areas such as: computer science, data science, education, pedagogy, psychology, advertising, marketing, social sciences, library science, administration, accounting sciences and engineering.

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