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Gamification na educação corporativa

Using gamification in corporate education strategies is a trend because the motivational resources of games can make the teaching/learning process more attractive, involving and fun.

That´s why Natura, the largest cosmetics production company in South America, invested in solutions developed by DOT.

Want to know how it effectively works? Learn more about the gamification strategy implemented at Natura!


Natura had two challenges: to promote the culture of education to persuade consultants to consume more educational materials about products, business and sales practices. Also, to motivate and engage consultants in order to increase sales productivity and brand interaction.


The strategy developed for Natura aimed to promote consulting skills acquisition through actions such as: better preparing to assist clients, studying the Natura instructional videos, using digital channels for work and learn more about the products. Gamification would be available online, favoring mobile use through smartphones and tablets, and would also address every-day issues of the company´s business and complex contents.

First, strategic objectives were determined for implementing gamification (with the respective KPIs to measure them). These data are also used for calculating ROI, refining the strategy and understanding the target audience. 

A solid, quantitative and qualitative study about Natura consultants was performed.

This allowed for the creation of personas who helped to customize the strategy according to different profiles, among other things. The personas were such a hit that Natura incorporated them into other company processes in addition to gamification!

As part of the strategy, DOT developed a pilot study with 30,000 consultants. This large experiment validated the best incentives dynamics. Take a look at the results of the personas analyses!


A statistical analysis of the pilot study results showed that consultants who participated in the gamification strategy acquired more consulting skills and digital habits (using debit/credit card machine, placing orders online, and reducing paperwork) and  sold more than consultants who did not participate in the strategy. As a result of this success, the strategy is currently being expanded within Natura.

Gamified App

As part of the result, a gamification strategy was incorporated into the Natura Consulting application. We developed a new section called My Success where consultants can follow rankings according to sector and points earned and visualize medals and completed missions.


Natura can expand future actions in the Missions section by proposing what should be executed in each sales cycle. By accessing the Urgent Missions tab, consultants can see their new challenges with a description of what they should do to succeed and the rewards they will earn for executing that mission.

All of this is in the app, with a very attractive, easy-to-use design. Take a look!


Use gamification in your corporate education strategy

Just like Natura and many other DOT success cases, your company can also benefit from gamification to boost corporate education.

Count on DOT to strategically analyze you business and technical requirements and define indicators and goals for your corporate education project (in-person and online).

This was Natura´s corporate education challenge. What´s yours?

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