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At TIVIT, the leader in integrated technology services in Latin America, the greatest example of what investing in corporate education gives results comes from the top management of the company. The company’s current CEO, Carlos Gazaffi, began his career at TIVIT for more than 15 years as an analyst and it was through his in-house professional qualification that he leveraged his career within the company. Gazaffi has already gone through the sales directorate, vice president of IT infrastructure and vice president of technology management, to the top. It was he who idealized the TIVIT Techno Academy, created in 2016.

In 2018, the company decided to invest in the constant training of all its employees. Mission almost impossible for those who have more than 8 thousand employees in eight Latin American countries. The solution was to implement a distance education platform to expand Techno TIVIT, previously restricted to a group of employees, especially leaders. The company also knew that it was necessary to create contents in attractive formats to promote the engagement and established a partnership with the DOT digital group, EdTech based in Florianópolis and with clients such as Natura, Honda and Santander.

To meet the needs of TIVIT, the DOT team develops customized digital education solutions for the company. The courses are tailor-made using different formats (videos, podcast, infographic, learning pages and games), technological resources (simulators, virtual reality and augmented reality) and platforms (mobile, desktop). EdTech develops all the contents for the six TIVIT academies in Brazil and in the other countries of Latin America. In just over a year, more than 550 courses were made available to employees with the aim of developing technical and behavioral skills. Based on these results, TIVIT launched its Corporate Education Portal. “Our proposal is for employees to learn and develop new skills to build an upward career in the enterprise,” said Kelly Rickes, general manager of Organizational Development at the company.

See the testimony of Kelly Rickes, General Manager of Organizational Development at TIVIT, on this DOT digital group case.


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