World Bank uses DOT online platform to train Brazilian institutions to funding projects

The World Bank – the largest global source of development assistance, providing about $ 60 billion annually in loans and grants to 187 countries – has implemented a distance learning platform in Brazil, provided by the DOT digital group, and aimed at the qualification of public and private entities that seek financing for their projects. The initiative allowed doubling the number of people trained, with a 30% reduction in costs.

The course “Financial Management and Disbursements to Customers of the World Bank” originated after the institution identified that face-to-face training aimed at enabling the entities to write and submit projects that needed financing did not always have satisfactory results. Until then, the face-to-face training process lasted five days and was very focused on theoretical issues, rather than discussing the particularities of the initiatives.

Based on this perception, the World Bank opted for the adoption of a hybrid training model for institutions that want to prepare to apply for a project financing, with theoretical content online, provided through a distance learning platform, and face-to-face activities in which mentors clarify doubts and debate practical themes of the project.

The first step in the migration to this new course model was to identify a provider that offered technology and content for the implementation of the distance learning system. After evaluating several providers, the institution chose DOT digital group, due to the company’s knowledge – which has been operating for 20 years in the e-learning market in the country-, and the project presented, which met the specific needs of the World Bank.

“From the outset, DOT staff was very agile and was able to understand our demands, despite the complexity of our operation. We realized that after the first feedbacks, the DOT team understood our real need, and quickly we were able to make the necessary adjustments to make the training available in the best possible way”, says Eduardo França, a specialist in financial management at the World Bank.

In the project, DOT digital group offered the technology platform, the instructional content design, as well as the mentors to adapt the World Bank needs for the online course.


Expansion for Latin America and the Caribbean

Thanks to the success obtained with the Distance Learning platform, the institution will expand in 2017 the same format of hybrid courses for the other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The internationalization project developed by DOT digital group provides for the content adaptation of the course “Financial Management and Disbursements for World Bank Clients” to Spanish and English. The platform will be able to identify of the user’s country and automatically offer the course in the source language. In addition, the initiative contemplates the training adaptation to specific demands and needs of each country.

“This project to internationalize the distance learning platform for the World Bank represents today an important milestone in the history of DOT digital group, since it validates our work from the perspective of one of the most respected institutions in the world and that has an important role in the development of countries such as Brazil”, says Luiz Alberto Ferla, CEO of DOT digital group.

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